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Jan 26


Struggling to succeed? Have you tried giving up?

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Aug 8

Jun 26

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Mar 1


[cha cha slides away from responsibilities]

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Feb 21


So I was super sick from Friday night until yesterday. It. Was. Terrible.

I have a theory that some people are just bad at being sick. Not that anyone should be particularly good at being sick, but at least they have some common sense about it. Lots of liquids, soup and sleep. Sensible things that will at least not make matters worse. The people who manage this sort of thing tend to be smart individuals who can be trusted not dig themselves further into the “I feel shitty” hole.

I am not one of these people. I am bad at being sick. And what’s more, I bitch and complain a lot when ill to boot. So not only am I feeling bad and refusing to take care of myself, but I’m letting everyone know about how crappy my life is the entire time.

It is pretty idiotic.

Point being, I’m not sick anymore. Still have a few ‘ick’ things (infected ears - MY LEAST FAVORITE THING EVER - and sounding like I’ve taken up a job as the voice of Satan), but regardless, I’m celebrating by planning to get completely and totally shit faced tomorrow.

I’m writing this post as a reminder to myself - if I fall back into sickness, it is because of bad life choices like this one. Will I learn from this? Doubtful. Will other people get to laugh at me should the worst come to pass? Yes. Therefore, a net win for the universe.

Now, to rewatch all of my favorite Parks and Recreation episodes in preparation for the big episode(s) tonight. Because I am one of the coolest of the cool kids.

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Jul 4

Oh Andy.


Oh Andy.

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Jul 3

Jun 29

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